About us

VEMA DESIGN LTD. company was established in 1991 in Pleven town. The company specializes in the design, production and service of electronic products and systems. The company’s activity is focused on the development and sale of its own products, as well as the execution of individual orders for electronic equipment of machines in industry for Bulgarian and foreign markets. The company has its own production building with total area of 1340 square meters, located in Pleven 5803, Nikolay Haytov str. 16

VEMA DESIGN LTD. combines simultaneous design, production and operation of elements that control the joint operation of components of mechanics, electronics and microelectronics. The production of mounted printed circuit boards (PCB) is practically a high-tech process, which is applicable in any area of everyday life. A lot of the manifactured products are intended for implementation in energy efficient products with the highest degree of economical consumption of electricity – all Temperature controllers, Electronic equipment for machines, Temperature and humidity monitoring system for storages and refrigerated warehouses, etc. Many of the company’s products are used in innovative technologies for recycling and waste treatment.

The economic policy of VEMA DESIGN LTD. is aimed at creating a sustainable competitive advantage both in Bulgaria and the foreign market, in the conditions of globalization, digitalization and liberalization.

In 2020, we created a modern high-tech line for surface mounting and assembly of printed circuit boards. Combined with the professional skills of our team, this is a guarantee for consistently high quality of manufactured products and a potential opportunity for innovative activities. We have the necessary equipment and highly qualified staff for manual assembling of electronic components, laser engraving, and securing mechanical processes.

We can implement an individual project in a way that will fully satisfy the client.