Development of VEMA DESIGN LTD. over the years:


VEMA DESIGN LTD. was founded as a small company for industrial electronics.


Design and production of  fire alarm systems FS12.

1993 up to present

Design, production and maintenance of units for machine automation.


Design and production of Motorola™-based controllers.

1994 up to present

Design and production of speed regulators (SC102x).

1995 up to present

 Design and production of thermocontrollers (TC103).


CPU orientation to Microchip™ devices and upgrade of all units except for the fire alarm systems.

1997 up to present

Start of the VPC series of programmable controllers.

1998 up to present

Design and production of power controllers for PET machines.

First versionof the VPC Host Interface – Windows™ software graphical and communicational support for the VPC series of programmable controllers.

VEMA DESIGN LTD. is presented on the Internet.

2000 up to present

Design and production of DC thyristor drives.

2001 up to present

Design and production of digital counters.

2002 up to present

Design of complete PC-based systems for monitoring and automation.

2003 up to present

Design of PC-based system for automation of production of concrete.

2004 up to present

Design of PC-based system for monitoring of energy in production units.

2005 up to present

 Start of the VPC series of programmable controllers with analog inputs and outputs.

2008 up to present

Design of PC-based system for monitoring of climate in large storerooms.

2012 up to present

Design of complete Weintek Labs.™ Touch Panel-based systems for monitoring and automation.

2014 up to present

Design and implementation of servomotors and linear motors in control system. 

2016 up to present

Design and production of control system for automatic welding machines. 

2018 up to present

Design and production of hot runner temperature control systems.

2019 up to present

Design and production of Touch Panel-based hot runner temperature control systems.