Monitoring system for optimal energy management

The automated system for monitoring, control and management of energy consumption serves to collect arrays of information on energy consumption of large industrial sites in order to optimize energy costs through continuous ongoing control and control of costs in previous periods through an archive in databases. Instant views of the momentary status of the system are available through common Internet browsers for all remote users.

I. Hardware

  1. subsystem of connected local energy meters with possibility for measurement of active,  reactive and total energy of three-phase loads, with built-in communication interface;
  2. subsystem for safety provision by safety-switching equipment;
  3. subsystem of local industrial computers, ensuring collection of all primary data from subsystem 1 and their transmission to a central server;

II. Software for automated system for monitoring and control of energy consumption.

  1. Data collection and visualization points – from subsystem 1;
  2. Module for reporting the consumption of active, reactive and total energy for each measuring point – 1 piece;
  3. Module for assessment of the quality of the supplied energy in each measuring point – 1 piece;
  4. Module for alarm signals – 1 piece;
  5. Module for data import – 1 piece;
  6. Module for calculation of energy consumption for a separate batch of finished products and for a single piece of it – 1 piece;
  7. Unlimited number of users for whom different levels of access are regulated;
  8. Ability to transfer data to Excel and subsequent statistical processing;
  9. Information on current consumption of electricity by points and total for the system;
  10. Information on electricity consumption by points and in total for different time periods;
  11. Information on the energy consumption for a separate batch of finished products and for a single piece of it;
  12. Information on the monetary value of the consumed energy for a separate batch and for a single unit of it;
  13. Generating graphics;
  14. Data archiving;

ІІI. Technical characteristics of local energy meters

  • Power supply – 3ph 400 VAC in Y connection
  • Input voltage – from 180 to 250 VAC
  • Current inputs – 3 pcs. differential
  • Type of indication on the console – digits on 2 lines of LCD
  • Measured energy range:
    – active – up to 99999999.9999999 kWh
    – reactive – up to 99999999.9999999 kWh
    – total – up to 99999999.9999999 kWh
  • PC/HMI connection:
    – interface – RS485
    – communication protocol – Modbus RTU (zero-based)
  • Operating temperature – from 0 to 50 °C
  • Storage temperature – from -10 to 60 °C
  • Dimensions:
    – housing for mounting on DIN-rail – 105x86x60 mm