Temperature and humidity monitoring system

Developed in 2008 by “VEMA DESIGN” Ltd. A comprehensive system for measuring, controlling and archiving data on temperature and relative humidity in warehouses, industrial sites, refrigeration and drying rooms, etc. The monitoring system is fully compliant with the Good Practices and requirements for storage of medical products.
  • The system is designed and maintained according to the individual requirements of each client. Technical solutions include:

– Sensors (factory calibrated sensors — intelligent devices with digital communication installed at multiple temperature points);
– Scheduling of sensors;
– Industrial computer for data processing;
– Indicator boards for visualisation of the momentory values of temperature and humidity in the warehouses of its rooms and corridors;
– Documentation;
– Periodic system for laboratory calibration of sensors;
– Possibility of SMS notification;
– Generating graphics;
– Emergency alarm;
– Data archiving;
– Remote access to data and real-time internet surveillance.